Mgr. Petra Urbancová

physiotherapy - podology - shiatsu
phone: +420 732 405 049
5. května 660, 252 41 Dolní Břežany

Physiotherapy, podology and holistic therapy of the shiatsu type

My aim is for you to feel good inside your own body. No matter if it is while working on the computer or in the garden, doing sports, taking care of children or when you go to sleep and wake up again. Your body is your closest companion. Together we can find the causes of your pain and fix the movement stereotypes so you can rely on your body once again.


Your body deserves the best care


» Diagnostics and cure of the body aches


Physiotherapeutic methods successfully help curing the back pains, head aches, muscle, tendon or joint pains but also with general motion issues. You would be surprised where does your pain come from.  Do you want to know more?



» Complex care of the child and adult feet


Prevention and reconditioning of your feet can work miracles throughout your whole body. The arch of your foot is very important for your whole body. The way you stand influences the position of hips and spine. Did you know that by changing the functionality of your foot, you can solve your back pain or head aches? Whether is it barefoot shoes or shoe insoles, each foot needs something different. The podology might surprise you.  Do you want to know more?



» Massage technique of the holistic medicine


The finger pressure that translates as shiatsu is a special type of massage and therapy combined into one. It originates in Japan and is based upon the principles of traditional Chinese medicine that sees the body as a whole. Do you want to know more?

6 reasons why you should come to me

  • My services are complex and allow you to choose exactly what you need according to your actual needs
  • My appointment schedule is flexible and you will not experience long waiting periods and I always respect the exact time of appointment
  • I will do my best to analyse and find out the real cause of your problem, the initial dialogue before starting the therapy is a key factor
  • I prefer the holistic approach, the body and soul are closely connected
  • I combine the traditional eastern and modern western medical approaches
  • I value my clients deeply, therefore I am always honest, open and respectful


Mgr. Petra Urbancová

5. května 660, Dolní Břežany

GSM: +420 732 405 049

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