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What is shiatsu

Relaxation of the entire body, increasing the flow of energy and the unique therapy on the border between the state of the mind and body. That is how I would characterize the traditional Japanese massage shiatsu. It is based upon the principles of the traditional Chinese medicine, but the effects of shiatsu are verified by the modern scientific methods.

Every illness, pain or psychic problem that appears in our lives is the signal that we should change something. Shiatsu helps us to get closer to the state of Zen, the balance that is important for the health of our minds and bodies and for us to live happy lives.

Part of each therapy is the interview that helps me to find out the cause of your problem and how to cure them. The massage itself significantly influences the psychical state of the person, it regulates the functions of your internal organs and relaxes ones mind and thus helps you to heal yourself.


How does it look and what should i expect?

At the beginning we shorty talk about your problems.  Then I will perform the diagnostics based on the holistic principle of the Chinese medicine. This is followed by body diagnostics prior the massage itself. There are diagnostic zones on our backs and abdomens that correspond to individual meridians. By touching, I will find if they are full or empty, meaning the surpluses or lacks energy. I will select the two meridians - the one that is the fullest and the one that is the emptiest and we connect their energies. I work with the meridian by the means of massage, stretching, relaxation and acupressure of the certain points in the meridian.

The entire massage is while fully dressed on the floor on futon mattress. I always provide quiet and peaceful environment accompanied by relaxing music.

We will restore balance to your body and relieve your mind of everything that is bad.

I am your guide, I do not work in patterns. I constantly watch your reactions and the entire massage will be the best possible way for you. One meridian treatment is therefore variable and might look very different in more repetitions.

The inseparable part of the therapy are the recommendations what you can do at home. Change of diet or your daily routine but also change in your life attitude or behaviour. All of this can benefit your health.

Sometimes one session is enough, but sometimes the massage has to be repeated several times before the therapy succeeds. The frequency and number of visits is completely up to you and at the end we will talk about the next steps.


When does it help?

The best indication is to help with psychosomatic issues. Meaning those where we cannot find any clear physical cause or those that last for long time and are unresponsive to classical treatment methods.

It can be anything from the following issues: fatigue, feeling the lack of energy, insomnia, headaches, breathing issues, digestive problems, musculoskeletal apparatus pains, back aches, neck pains, pains of the large joints, gynaecological problems - menstruation irregularities (too strong, too often, painful, missing, repeated infections - in their remission), functional infertility, stress, lasting sadness, anxiety, mood swings.


When shiatsu is not recommended?

If you suffer from acute feverish disease, you should really postpone your massage. Also, if you feel acute decompensation of your chronic ailments (high blood pressure, diabetes - in their compensated state the shiatsu is possible, but if you have too high pressure or fluctuating blood sugar, shiatsu cannot be indicated)

Furthermore, shiatsu is not recommended in following cases:

* less than 3 months after surgeries - around the areas of scars or fresh scars and injuries in common
* new and unknown problems where there was not determined what is their cause
* cancerous diseases - newly diagnosed and treated (shiatsu is possible if your doctors tell you that you are healthy - usually 5 years after your treatment if the tumour or metastasis will not reappear)
* epilepsy
* osteoporosis - it is only a relative contraindication, but to know that you have it will make me more careful.
* varicose veins - severe, painful or with inflammation. In remission we can perform the shiatsu, but you should always tell me about it.
* severe mental illness, schizophrenia.
* the first trimester of pregnancy and certain times during the rest of pregnancy
It is always important to tell me aobut any sever conditions you have or if you are pregnant.


Mgr. Petra Urbancová

5. května 660, Dolní Břežany

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