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Feet pains, bunions, broken foot arch, bent ankles or “limping” are all the ailments that podology deals with.

By the means of complex foot and musculoskeletal system examination with focusing on spine, hip joints and motor functional analysis, I will discover the cause of your problems and teach you what you can do to make your feet work properly again.

The most common problems I have to deal with the adults are pains in the area of the sole of the foot. Morton neuralgia, toe pains, bunions, heel spurs, Achilles tendon pains, calluses and corns, falling of the longitudinal and transversal arch of the foot and knee or hip joint pains.

The flat feet are along with the bent ankles, intoeing, tiptoeing and hip dysplasia one of the most common problems with kids.


How does the examination look like?

I use podoscope for diagnostics. I also do the complex kinesiologic examination of the musculoskeletal system including the posture of knees, hips, pelvis and spine, following with the examination of the movement range of the large joints and foot function. Walk examination and muscle usage during movement is also very important as well as the ability to control the feet properly.

Therapy is then based mostly on your active approach. Most common is the prescription of exercise that helps to improve the functionality of your feet but a lot of times we have to deal with the whole body. Part of the treatment is also taping which I will teach you. We will talk about the right types of shoes and use of correctional aids and I will recommend the best brands. Insoles are sometimes necessary. I can manufacture them directly to your specifications from the company Formthotics.

With children cases, I also include the case history into the diagnostics, mostly the previous development and engagement of the right motor patterns and the overall musculoskeletal development. Children feet are the reflection of their overall body and muscles functionality. The holistic approach is the alpha and omega of success with the therapy of children feet.



The examination with special equipment - podoscope. The mirror of the device shows the footprints enhanced by special light, thus making it visible where and how you distribute weight on your foot. Therefore, we can safely diagnose flat foot and its many different variations and focus our therapy on the core of the problem. It also helps to determine whether the use of insoles is necessary. Pronated ankles are more common with kids rather then flat foot itself. Viewing from the top, both looks the same. But the view from bottom reveals the true nature. Examination is whilst standing on both feet or shifting weight to only one.


The Formthotics insoles

Insoles are sometimes the only solution to the feet pains and the Formthotics system allows to manufacture the quality personalised insoles for both children and adults, that can be used for normal walking or sports.

The materials selection varies from the hard to very soft ones and the special surface of the material offers a lot of options how to help even the very painful feet or how to help sportsmen to achieve better performance. The insoles are especially useful with the cases where the degenerative processes of the feet have damaged the feet beyond simple exercise correction.



I am big enthusiast of the barefoot shoes and from my own experience I can only recommend it. But sometimes you have to help your feet adapt to a barefoot style when it get too painful or even worsens your condition. We will talk about everything considering the barefoot shoes for kids and adults and I will teach you how to activate the muscles of your feet and stabilization muscles of the lower limbs. Barefoot shoes are usually the best opportunity for kids to learn how to use their feet properly. Especially with the pronated ankles or limping, the feet need a professional help.


Mgr. Petra Urbancová

5. května 660, Dolní Břežany

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