Mgr. Petra Urbancová

physiotherapy - podology - shiatsu
phone: +420 732 405 049
5. května 660, 252 41 Dolní Břežany

About Me

The case history is the first step. We will talk about your problems, your injuries in the past but also about recent history. About anything that might help me to get the overall picture about you and find you the cause of your pain.

The next step is diagnostics. By means of complex kinesiological examination I find out where are the key spots to tend to.

I relax your body or feet and if necessary, I apply the techniques of joints and spinal mobilisation. I will help you stretch and activate your muscles. If necessary, I use taping and electrotherapy. I will teach you a daily home routine and slowly educate you about the prevention of your pain.

Usually the physiotherapy and podology is a long-term thing. To truly remove the pain, several sessions are necessary. I can only recommend the following regular care even if you are not currently in pain.

Further consultation with another medical specialists might be required. If this is the case, we will talk thoroughly about it and then with your consent I will recommend you the the best practicioner.


Mgr. Petra Urbancová

5. května 660, Dolní Břežany

GSM: +420 732 405 049

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